Poetry – POEMS – Call Me REAL

.Call Me Real.

Time is nothing
Ain’t for real
Cause life is all about
How you feel

Just listen to the rhythm
The rhythm of your heart
Go catch some fire babe
Cause love is where to start

I got it now
Understood the whole show
Seems like time is not for real
Its all about how we feel

Its all about the timing
The timing of your heart
Some beat slower
Some beat fast

You can try to run run run
To the heart beat of another one
But if you truly love yourself you know
Where the light is
Thats the place to go

It ain’t weakness
It is strength
if you decide to leave the race
and find your unique kind of place

Its not about being lonely
It is about feeling real
Because at the end You always come back to
How you feel

Tell me i am a dreamer
Tell me how i live my life is not for real
Cause babe i don’t care
I just care about how i feel

I have a clear vision
And thats all what it takes
So I listen to my own beat
Tell you “Good Bye”
I will find my unique place

Babe I am leaving
It’s such a stupid game
Call it reality, I call it ego
I call it insane.

⌘.Fritzi Noirhomme.⌘